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It is the responsibility of the person/persons who wishes to use our website or use our services
to read our terms and conditions.

By using our website you agree to our terms and conditions.

Crochet UK are not responsible for any damage, loss of earnings or injury caused by any of our services or products we supply or offer on our website or sold in person.

Crochet UK make every effort to produce the most accurate photographs of yarn giving a clear view of the colour. However, colour when photographed can look slightly different when seen on a monitor or smart phone. The colour can also be affected depending on the monitor or smart phone colour settings. When purchasing yarn, Crochet UK cannot guarantee an exact colour match of yarn to a colour that is viewed on an electrical device. Crochet UK are also unable to guarantee a texture match between colour changing yarn or yarn purchased on separate dates.

Any copying, distribution or misconduct in any way, shape or form of the name 'Crochet UK' or our website 'www.crochet-uk.co.uk' is strictly prohibited. The company name and logo are the property of the owner of the company. Any copying of the company logo or name is strictly prohibited.

Any bespoke orders of yarn cakes are non-refundable unless a manufacturing fault is to be found. All refunds have to be agreed by Crochet UK before any refunds can be made. Any requests of any refunds in any way, shape or form have to be made to Crochet UK within seven working days of delivery.


Materials used to create items that are sold on this website are sourced from outside the United Kingdom. Every yarn cake that is listed on this website is designed and made in the United Kingdom.

Any returns will only be accepted if the item or items are received in the same condition as they were sent. All items that are to be returned must be in the original undamaged packaging.

Any names given to the yarn cakes have no meaning, connection or relation to any of the places. Any similarities are completely coincidental.

Crochet UK have the right to adjust the pricing of any of our products or services without warning. Any orders that have been placed with Crochet UK before any price increases have been applied will still be honoured at the original price.

Crochet lessons are offered on a one to one basis or a small group. No qualification is held by Crochet UK to teach the art of crochet. All experience and knowledge of crochet is self taught.

Crochet UK cannot accept responsibility in any way, shape or form for the copyright or ownership of any translated patterns or patterns to be translated.

Crochet UK cannot be responsible for loss, damage or delay of any of our products or services that are not in our control. All items posted are sent via 'Hermes' or 'Royal Mail' tracked. A signed for request must be made upon placing an order. All return costs are not the responsibility of Crochet UK unless otherwise agreed.

Crochet UK reserve the right to cancel orders without any explanation.

No children under the age of 18 years to be in the photo.

All persons that appear in any of the submitted photos must give full consent for the picture to be used.

Crochet UK cannot be held responsible for any unauthorised photos which have been submitted and published on the Crochet UK website or on Crochet UK Social Medias without our knowledge.

If you have an Instagram account, Facebook account or a Website/Blog, then we will be happy to list the details next to your photo, if not then just your name/location or alternatively no reference at all.

For every item/creation that is listed on our website and /or our social media, one 20% discount voucher on yarn cakes will be awarded for each item created using our yarn cakes. 

Vouchers can not be exchanged for cash or any other items/services.

Vouchers must be used within 6 months of the issue date.

With sending a picture to Crochet UK you agree to these terms & conditions and give full consent for your picture to be used on our website and/or social media indefinitely. 

All of Crochet UK's decisions are final.

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