Wye is made using the colour combination 621-643-657-646 and is available in 3 and 4 ply between 500 and 3000m.


Crochet UK gradient yarn cakes are made using multiple single ply 100% Mercerised Egyptian Cotton yarn.


'Mercerisation' is a finishing treatment which improves the strength of colour, tear strength, reduces shrinkage and gives a most beautiful silk-like lustre.


The yarn cakes are plied not twisted. We have added some beads to the centre pull to prevent the yarn from splitting whilst you are working with it. If you want to start your project with the outside colour first, just simply change the beads to the outside end of the yarn cake.


The colour change is set at even rates and are secured with tiny slip knots, which will be small enough to not be noticed in your finished work.


To care for a finished product please use the guideline on the product label.



3ply ~ 217m/50g

4ply ~ 166m/50g



For specific colourways, ply's or length please use our option 'Design your own Yarn Cake'.


To add 'a touch of sparkles' to your yarn cake, please use our 'Sparkly' option. 


It can take up to 5 days before a yarn cake can be shipped. Depending on availability. You will be informed if it takes longer.




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