Aspen Shawl

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The ‘Aspen‘ shawl is a beautiful lightweight crochet shawl, which you can wear in many ways.


Shawls are perfect for every season. In winter you can wear it to keep your neck and chest warm. It is perfect in spring and autumn to wrap around your shoulders to keep the chill away. In summertime they are perfect as a beach cover-up.


The shawl is a design by Rachel from ‘Desert Blossom Crochet’ and is handmade by Mel from Crochet UK using the ‘Yaverland‘ yarn cake. The colour gradually changes from yellow into teal tones.


The yarn is a 50% cotton/50% acrylic blend which makes the ‘Aspen’ shawl soft and lightweight.


The shawl measures approx. 150cm x 78cm (59inch x 30inch).


Machine washable by 40 degrease Celsius and dried flat.
Blocking it from time to time helps to keep the shawl in shape.


If you would like this item in a different colour please get in touch.


Please note that the shawl pin is not included.