Your own Crochet UK designed Yarn Cake is made using the colour combination of your choice, in the ply and length you need for your project. It will be made using multiple single ply 50% cotton and 50% acrylic yarns.

The 'silver' yarn is a Lurex yarn with PM62% and PA38% (PM=Polyester metallised, PA=polyamide).

It can be added to your yarn cake. 'The silver' yarn would be added to your chosen ply throughout the whole yarn cake.

To create your own yarn cake, please follow the simple steps:


  • choose how many meters you want.

  • choose between 3 and 8 ply.

  • choose the colours you would like and enter the shown article number from the picture of the yarn cones and enter them aswell in the 'Enter your request here' box. The colour order will always be from inside out. Which means your first chosen colour will be in the centre, followed by your second chosen colour and so on. Your last chosen colour would be on the outside of the yarn cake.

  • choose, if you would like to add the 'silver' yarn.

  • If you require other colour changes than even set rates please also mention that in the 'Enter your request here' box.

Please note that your yarn cake is specifically designed for you and therefore can take up to 3 days before shipping. You will be informed if it takes longer.

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