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Our Yarns

We use only the best materials so our customers enjoy every moment with our yarn!

It took a long time to find the best yarns to craft with. We absolutely love our yarn and want you to share the same passion as we do.

Traditional Gradient Vs Block Gradient

Crochet UK are very pleased to let you know that we have developed a new way of winding yarn and are now able to offer you the ‘new block gradient yarn cake’ variant in our collection.

With the ‘block gradient yarn cake’ version your crochet or knitted items, when worked from the centre outwards, will have an optical even colour change. Therefor you will see far more of each colour using the ‘new block gradient yarn cakes’ compared to making the same project with a traditional yarn cake.

Please note that this only works when the yarn cake is used as a centre pull and the project is worked from the centre outwards. The even appearance of the colours will also change when various patterns are used in the same project.

Please also note that not all ply and length are possible with each yarn cake. If you would like to design your own ‘new block gradient yarn cake’ please contact us.



This yarn is our most popular yarn we have to offer. It is durable and has a beautiful drape! Being a cotton/acrylic mix it is a very good all year round yarn. The colours are a mixture of vibrant & pastel.

The lurex sparkly yarn is an ‘add on’ which can be added to any yarn cake. It adds a subtle sparkle to the yarn and is available in different colours. It is made from PM 62% / PA 38% polyester metallized with polyamide support. As this yarn is metallized, and keeping in mind it is added to the yarn cake separately, it can appear loopy when working with it so a more experienced hand will find it easier to work with. All of our yarns have the ability to include our sparkly Lurex yarns.   Please add them to your product of choice in our shop.

Large Yarn Cakes

Due to the weight of the larger cakes they have to be split down into smaller cakes. The largest we can supply as a single cake is 1750m of 4 ply or 2500m of 3 ply. Any cakes larger than this will be supplied as 2 or 3 cakes depending on the total meterage.

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