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The Banbury yarn cake features biege to purple ombre effect (560-650-555-415).


It comes in both 3 and 4 ply, with lengths up to 5000m, offered in various styles.

For detailed insights into our styles, please explore 'Our Yarns' page.


If you have a specific colour combination in mind, consider our 'Design Your Own Yarn Cake' option.

Looking for a touch of shimmer? Visit our 'Sparkly Yarn' page.



  • Perfect for Shawls, Wraps, and Mandalas: The lightweight nature of the yarn makes it great for creating delicate and airy projects like shawls, wraps, and mandalas. These items often require a yarn that can showcase intricate stitch patterns and provide a comfortable drape when worn.

  • Light Garments: This yarn is suitable for making light garments. Garments like cardigans, summer tops, or vests benefit from a lightweight yarn that allows for comfortable wear in warmer weather.

  • Blankets: While it's not as thick as some other yarns, a cotton-acrylic blend can still be used to make blankets. It would create a lighter and breathable blanket, which is ideal for milder climates or as a decorative throw.

  • Toys: The strength and durability of this yarn make it suitable for making toys. Toys often undergo a lot of handling and need a yarn that can withstand the wear and tear.

  • Versatile: The word "versatile" implies that this yarn can be used for a wide range of projects beyond those mentioned. It's likely that it's suitable for various other crafting projects, depending on your creativity and the specific properties of the yarn.

  • Drapes Well: The cotton-acrylic blend provides a beautiful drape to finished projects. Drape is important, especially for items like shawls and wraps, as it ensures that the fabric flows gracefully and looks elegant when worn.

  • Stretchable: The yarn's strength allows it to be stretched onto big hoops, which could be useful for projects like hoop art or other crafts where stretching the yarn onto a frame is necessary.


When using this yarn for any project, be sure to follow the individual pattern instructions to achieve the best results, as different patterns may require specific techniques or gauge adjustments. Overall, this yarn seems like a versatile and practi