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Introducing our Light Green (265) Cotton/Acrylic Yarn, a harmonious blend of quality and versatility. Dive into the world of creativity with this vibrant shade of green, crafted with a delicate balance of cotton and acrylic, to ensure your projects have the durability of acrylic with the natural comfort of cotton.


Key Features:

  • Color Brilliance: Embrace the soothing essence of our Light Green (265), a shade that resonates with nature and calmness, perfect for various knitting and crochet projects.
  • Superior Blend: Made with a mix of cotton and acrylic fibers, our yarn provides a soft touch against the skin while ensuring your crafts retain their shape and luster over time.
  • Design Your Own Yarn Cake: Customize and personalize your yarn experience. Our 'design your own yarn cake' option allows you to curate the yarn layers just how you envision them.
  • Add A Sparkle: Elevate your designs with a touch of magic! Integrate our sparkly yarn into your yarn cake to add that extra dazzle to your creations.
  • Soft & Gentle: Crafted to caress, this yarn promises a soft and comfortable finish, making it ideal for blankets, garments, accessories, and more.
  • Versatility At Its Best: Whether you're an avid knitter, a crochet enthusiast, or exploring the world of yarn crafts, this blend is perfect for projects of all complexities.


Unveil your inner artisan and let your imagination run wild with our Light Green (265) Cotton/Acrylic Yarn. Whether it's a comfy sweater, a delicate lace shawl, or a whimsical baby blanket, this yarn is your partner in creation. The added option to customize your yarn cake ensures that every project is uniquely yours. Happy crafting!

Light Green (265)

  • Yarn cakes over 500gr (3ply; 2750m+ and 4ply; 2250m+) will be made in multiple cakes. Each yarn cake will be marked, (i.e. 1/3, 2/3, 3/3) so you know which one to use first.


    To care best for the finished product please:

    • Wash cold
    • Dry flat
    • Do not wring
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Do not bleach
    • Iron cool

    The care instruction are also to be found on the product label.