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The Margate yarn cake features citrus shades of lime, yellow and oranges (750-255-460-430).


It comes in both 3 and 4 ply, with lengths up to 5000m, offered in various styles.

For detailed insights into our styles, please explore 'Our Yarns' page.


If you have a specific colour combination in mind, consider our 'Design Your Own Yarn Cake' option.

Looking for a touch of shimmer? Visit our 'Sparkly Yarn' page.



  • Perfect for Shawls, Wraps, and Mandalas: The lightweight nature of the yarn makes it great for creating delicate and airy projects like shawls, wraps, and mandalas. These items often require a yarn that can showcase intricate stitch patterns and provide a comfortable drape when worn.

  • Light Garments: This yarn is suitable for making light garments. Garments like cardigans, summer tops, or vests benefit from a lightweight yarn that allows for comfortable wear in warmer weather.

  • Blankets: While it's not as thick as some other yarns, a cotton-acrylic blend can still be used to make blankets. It would create a lighter and breathable blanket, which is ideal for milder climates or as a decorative throw.

  • Toys: The strength and durability of this yarn make it suitable for making toys. Toys often undergo a lot of handling and need a yarn that can withstand the wear and tear.

  • Versatile: The word "versatile" implies that this yarn can be used for a wide range of projects beyond those mentioned. It's likely that it's suitable for various other crafting projects, depending on your creativity and the specific properties of the yarn.

  • Drapes Well: The cotton-acrylic blend provides a beautiful drape to finished projects. Drape is important, especially for items like shawls and wraps, as it ensures that the fabric flows gracefully and looks elegant when worn.

  • Stretchable: The yarn's strength allows it to